Hounds Hilton are very much open for business


Hounds Hilton is a dog boarding kennel located in South Greenough and run by Todd and Bernadette. 

If you're wanting to reach them you can ring 9926 1194

Everything Geraldton had a chat with them today as there were some rumours going around on social media that they had closed their doors. 

"That's definitely not the case," Todd tells us.  "We're very much open for business."

This is the busiest time of year for Hounds Hilton, and although they're booked over Christmas, they say they have bookings available from Jan 5 2015.  

It's actually quite affordable to have your dog cared for by Hounds Hilton. Depending on the size of your dog you'll pay around $17 to $20 a day. 

And that includes food! And of course the dogs get exercised. 

Todd and Bernadette have been running their business for 12 years now. Todd says it's a great lifestyle business for a family with young kids. 

If you're planning a holiday and want your best friend well cared for while you're away, call Hounds Hilton on 9926 1194