Lenci's dream for Geraldton Dog Rescue

geraldton dog rescue

Locals are urging people to get behind Lenci and organisation Geraldton Dog Rescue.

You can vote for the organisation's dream to win a grant to help towards the costs of building a facility for unwanted dogs until they can be re-homed.

Geraldton Dog Rescue has been operating in the Midwest for 12 years. Dogs that have not been collected from the City Pound by their owners are taken into care, have their vet work done, including sterilisation and are placed into foster homes in the community.

GDR have limited carers available and that limits the number of dogs that can be taken into care. Dogs are left behind to be euthanised simply because there is nowhere for them to be housed.

GDR is run solely by volunteers with people contributing not only in time but financially to their work. In 12 years of operation GDR has saved very close to 3000 dogs from euthanasia.