Update: Sea Princess not coming to Geraldton due to mechanical issues

 Image: www.princess.com

Image: www.princess.com

Update 14/9/14 6:30pm: The "Sea Princess" won't be calling into Geraldton tomorrow due to mechanical issues.

Original article below:

Cruise liner the Sea Princess, will be paying Geraldton a visit on Monday September 15.

The 15 deck, 77,499 ton Cruise ship is expected to arrive at 8am and depart at 6pm the same day, with approximately 1900 passengers on board.

Cruise Ship Meet and Greet Volunteers will be on hand to welcome passengers ashore and local markets will be set up at the Batavia Coast Marina.

The Sea Princess features luxuriously appointed amenities including a café, fitness centre, Lido Pool, main dining room, Oasis Pool, Razzmatazz Bar, Rigoletto Dining Room, Riviera Pool, Traviata Dining Room, Youth Centre, Theatre and much more.

For more information about this and other Cruise Ship visits, or to become a Meet and Greet Volunteer, contact City of Greater Geraldton Cruise Ship and Visitor Information Office, Joanne Brown, on (08) 9921 3999.

For more information about the Sea Princess and the Princess Cruises visit www.princess.com.