Alleged purse thief arrested; Bag snatching in Spalding

Purse thief arrested

Geraldton Police say they have have made a series of arrests over the past two days.

On Monday a Beachlands man was arrested on various charges. Police believe the man was involved in the theft of a tablet computer in Rangeway, stealing of purses from shopping centres within the CBD and burglary offences in Rangeway and Beachlands.

Bag snatching in Spalding

Everything Geraldton has also received reports of youths snatching bags in the Spalding area near Red Rooster. Residents are asked to be cautious. 

Youth charged

On Tuesday September 16, 2014 a 16 year old male was charged with an attempted burglary on the Bluff Point Primary School and the stealing from a motor vehicle in Sunset Beach.

A 20 Year Mullewa man has also been charged with trespass and a separate attempted burglary in Utakarra.

A 27 year old Karloo man was charged for his involvement in a stolen motor vehicle offence back in June of this year after a forensic result was returned. The man was one of three persons charged in relation to this offence.