Getting your groceries home delivered in Geraldton

When I moved to Geraldton 8 years ago, I remember going online to try and order my groceries. I was rather frustrated to discover that there was no such service available here. 

Time went on, and eventually Woolworths rolled out home delivery for the city, but I no longer did the grocery shopping; that task was carried out usually by my wife. We had discussed trying home delivery once or twice, but the hassle of figuring out how to do it at the time seemed to outweigh the convenience of our existing shopping routine. 

Then one month life got extremely hectic. A combination of sickness, work demands, exhaustion, multiple young children as well as high school aged children left us with very little time and energy to get the weekly grocery shopping done, so we gave home delivery a go. We jumped on the computer, followed the prompts, ordered our items, and hoped for the best. 

Sure enough, the food rocked up when promised. The cold stuff was cold, the fruit and veg wasn't rotten, and from memory most of the items were correct. 

The home delivery option was still relatively new for the Geraldton Woolworths store, and often there would be mistakes in the goods supplied. But a friendly phone call always had the matter sorted quickly or money refunded as needed. 

We still needed to duck out and get extra milk, organic produce that Woolworths lacked and other bits and pieces here and there, but we continued to order online each week, usually on the iPad in front of a movie on a Thursday evening. 

One day a few months ago, we needed our groceries delivered at a time that Woolworths were unavailable. I forget whether it was a public holiday or something, but the end result was my wife and kids headed to the shops to purchase the week's groceries. 

When they returned, there was nothing but praises for the magical wonder that is home delivered groceries. 

"We had to handle the food 5 times!" my wife exclaimed. "Into the trolley, out of the trolley onto the check out, back into the trolley, into the car, then out of the car into the house."

It seems home delivered groceries is a bit like air conditioning; once you've had it it's hard to live without it.

So I suggest you never get your groceries home delivered as it's hard to go without it once you've tried it. 



*Footnote: We also seem to spend less when ordering online. Perhaps it's the ability to see the total as you select items, or perhaps it's the reduced temptation for items you don't really need.