Please Please Please back up your phone's photos


At Everything Geraldton we regularly receive impassioned pleas from members of the public who have lost or had stolen a mobile phone or tablet that had precious photos on it, and they weren't backed up at all. 

If all your precious photos are on your iPhone and no-where else, it only takes a moment of thoughtlessness near a toilet, road, drain, sink, pool, river, beach etc and that's the end of your photos. 

But there's plenty of ways to back up your images. 

You can sync your phone with your computer. This is advised, but not a solve-all as your computer can get stolen, damaged, burnt, etc too. 

Off site backup of your images is a vital tool in today's digital age when it comes to preserving those precious photos. This means your images are also stored on a computer or "server" somewhere else. 

There's free services like Flickr, paid backup solutions like Backblaze, and products like Dropbox and iCloud are useful too. 

Some people use Facebook to back their images up, but Facebook greatly reduces the quality of the images and videos, so it's not the best idea. 

If you know how to back up your photos but just haven't bothered, do it now. And if you need help figuring out how, go and visit Geraldton's Digital Hub. They're located near the Library and are a free government funded service that helps people with using computers and the internet. 

They can be reached on 9965 6749.