Female kicks Police Officer in the face

A female has been charged with a myriad of offences including common assault and obstructing a Public Officer.

A male and female attended an address in Spalding belonging to a female that was known to them and it is alleged that the male and female created a disturbance after they were requested to leave by the house occupant.

A short time later the female returned to the property, creating another argument. The female was asked to leave by the occupant which then led to a physical altercation between the two.

It is further alleged that the female threw a brick through the front window before fleeing the scene. 

Police responded to the incident during which the female returned to the address again. Police allege the female approached the front door of the house and kicked the front window causing minor damage. 

The female was arrested by Police and she immediately resisted and lashed out with her legs. Whilst police were attempting to secure the female in the police vehicle, she kicked a male officer once in the face causing bruising to his eye. 

She continued to be verbally abusive to Police and was conveyed to Geraldton Police Station where she was charged with the following:

  • 1 x Trespass
  • 1 x Common Assault
  • 1 x Criminal Damage
  • 1 x Obstruct Public Officer
  • 1 x Assault Public Officer
  • 1 x Disorderly Behaviour in a Public Place 

She faced Geraldton Magistrates Court this morning.