Wildlife deaths from fire upsets community - 15 year old charged over fire. Warning: graphic image

Pic: Karl Monaghan Photography

Pic: Karl Monaghan Photography

A 15 year old has been charged with light fires that cause damage following yesterday's (10/1/15) fires in Geraldton.

Geraldton police could not release a large amount of information because the suspect is a juvenile, but they expressed that it was a very serious matter. 

While the offender is unlikely to receive the full penalty, the offence carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. 

Police said that the drain on their resources and other emergency services was a serious matter. The 15 year old will face Geraldton Children's Court early February. 

Click here for more images from fire. 

The following was sent in by Darren Darch from Fauna for the Future. FOTF relocate wildlife from land developments, rescue sick and injured fauna, and remove snakes from homes. They were on the scene at yesterday's fire to try and assist any wildlife they could. 


I apologize in advance for these pictures.
These DEATHS are a direct result of the fire which was started deliberty in Webberton area 10th Jan 2015. Please people who have the intention of lighting fires contact me and we can walk through the bush together and I can show you how many lives you will affect with your actions. 
This is not good enough and needs to be stopped at a grass roots level, before they light the fire.
The community can also be vigilant and call police regarding any suspicious activity.