Video: Why you want to wear a helmet at the skateparks

Wear a helmet

Heads up, the video is pretty intense

Cody sent this footage from the Tarcoola Beach skatepark in to Everything Geraldton, and recounted being there when another young person injured themselves a few days ago.

“I would just like to say to Everything Geraldton Luke was skating and he asked my brother let him have a shot back flipping, and he did it the first time and just made it, then he tried again and then he hit his head on the copping then i ran over to him and asked if he was ok, then i took his shirt off and held it on the head where he split his head open and I pressured it then asked him where is your phone he said in his car, but my brother had already gone over to the playground and got two ladies to come over and call an ambulance. 
Just something to say everyone to use a helmet."

We've spoken to the girlfriend of the young man who says he is still pretty sore but he's doing ok.