Sheep's head causes power failures

Info from Western Power


Attributed to Western Power’s Regional North Manager Adrian Stewart:

“Western Power crews covered a vast area north of Geraldton yesterday to find and repair faults on the network that affected approximately 2,000 customers in the Shires of Northampton and Chapman Valley, and the City of Greater Geraldton. 

“When we experience periods of increased fire danger, as we have in the Greater Geraldton area in recent days, our crews need to visually inspect powerlines to locate and repair faults before power can be safely restored.

“Our inspection efforts yesterday included patrolling the network on the ground and from a helicopter. 

“After an exhaustive search the crew located what appeared to be a sheep’s head on power pole equipment. It is suspected that the remains may have been dropped by an eagle.

“Many customers were without power for up to 15 hours before electricity supplies were safely restored last night.

“We know it is frustrating to lose power and we apologise to our customers for the inconvenience and thank them for their patience, but it is essential our crews do everything necessary to ensure power is restored safely.

“We encourage everyone that if you see a fallen powerline or potential network hazard to make the safe call to Western Power’s 24/7 emergency line on 13 13 51.”

Towns affected 13 January 2015 (yesterday):
Mullewa, Tenindewa, Pindar, Wongoondy Moonyoonooka, Durawah, West Casuarinas, Bringo , Devils Creek, Ambania, Eradu South , Nunierra, Kojarena, Tardun, North Eradu, East Chapman, Wicherina Northern Gullym, Northampton , Horrocks, Binnu, Gregory, Nabawa, Nanson, Alma, Sandy Gully, Ogilvie Ajana, East Bowes, South Yuna, Naraling, East Yuna, Nolba , Yuna.

Mullewa today
“Western Power crews were called out to locate and repair a fault that affected approximately 770 customers in Mullewa.
“30 customers have been reconnected at 2pm today, and crews are working as safely and quickly as possible to restore the remaining 740 customers in the Mullewa area this afternoon.

Thank you to Barry Anderson for the information.