Videos showcase what's great about living in Geraldton

Congratulations to the team behind the successful Showcase Geraldton event at the QPT on the weekend. We can't remember seeing the QPT that packed. 

Attendees were treated to a fantastic video of life in Geraldton in the 60's, complete with indoor smoking, seatbelt-free kids, and suspension-free prams, all to the delight of the audience. Geraldton's population at the time of the film was just over 12,000, but many of the things that made Geraldton so appealing back then are still relevant today. It was quite a treat getting a glimpse into Geraldton life  circa1966. 

The large number of hands that shot up when asked if anyone recognised themselves or others in the video was also a pleasant surprise. 

A wonderful wildflower showcase video was also shown. The video was beautifully filmed and edited, and will be an absolute weapon as a promotional tool for the region. It really sold the wildflower experience and Geraldton in a very appealing way. 

Wildflowers of the Mid West Region.

The main feature of the event was a new episode of a show called Our Town. CGG CEO Ken Diehm pointed out that normally when Channel 7 come to town to offer to do the show, they accept payments from a handful of specific local businesses who then get featured heavily in the episode. Ken wanted to sell Geraldton as a whole, and the council chose to contribute the funding for the episode, along with several other stakeholders in town. 

OUR TOWN - Geraldton

The video does a great job of promoting Geraldton and all it has to offer, both to tourists, and people considering living or investing in the city and region. 

Also featured during the afternoon was this short music video below.  

"This short presentation is a fun celebration of life in Geraldton today. The music was written and recorded by Dave Clare and is intended for people to share online."