Drage family getting frustrated in Indonesia


Speaking from West Java today, Tiena Drage, mother of Jake is frustrated with Prosecutors who filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Indonesia just before Christmas, despite losing an earlier appeal where they sought to increase Jake’s imprisonment of 9 months following a tragic motorcycle accident in Java in June 2014.

Tiena says “The whole process has been so frustrating. It may take 110 days for the appeal to be heard. With good behaviour Jake would be out by now, but this latest appeal means that he could be in jail after his 9 month sentence has been completed.” “It’s not fair to Jake and he is without a doubt being treated differently than a local who has been involved in a tragic accident such as this. A local may have spent 24 hours in jail” she added. “The family of the victim also want Jake out of jail. We have no idea why the Prosecutors are pushing this to the highest Court in the land” 

In terms of the Supreme Court process, Tiena is worried about having legal representation and said “We have spent over $60 000.00 since June and have just about run out of money. I really appreciate the support we have received so far including the businesses in Geraldton that are taking donations for Jake. Thank you Geraldton. Unfortunately it’s not enough to get Jake a lawyer and we will be launching a more public appeal shortly. If anyone is able to help out, we’d really appreciate it”. And adds “We have always respected the Indonesian Justice system and wish Prosecutors would do the same and let my son come home. We can only hope that the Supreme Court hears this appeal as soon as possible and hopefully make the same decision to reject the appeal, but if this means Jake goes to Court without a lawyer, it won’t make that process any easier”.

In terms of how Jake is going, Tiena says “He’s going ok, he has his best mate over here at the moment and he’s being treated well by inmates and staff at the prison. He’s been teaching his fellow prisoners English and the guards Muay Thai and boxing. He’s not only a model prisoner, he’s a role model in there”

“We are taking this day to day, it’s been a frustrating and very emotional roller coaster. I pray that this nightmare can be resolved soon and we can both come home.”