Alleged drug dealer hit by car on Chapman Rd

Police say a 21 year old female driver from Northampton was driving a Mazda hatch yesterday along Chapman Rd near Mitchell and Brown when a cyclist rode his bike onto the road and collided with her vehicle. 

The 33 year old man was intending to cross the road, but had entered the path of the oncoming Mazda. He wasn't wearing a helmet, and ended up with abrasions to his knees and elbows, a cut to his head and a fractured vertebrae.

Police were called to the scene, and found the cyclist was carrying more than your typical pushbike rider. 

It was established the cyclist has in his possession of a quantity of dexamphetamine, an undisclosed quantity of cash and other drug paraphernalia.

As a result of those inquiries, the cyclist was charged with possessing a prohibited drug with intent to sell/supply, failing to give way from land abutting and failing to wear a protective helmet. He will face Geraldton Magistrates Court at a later date.