Parkfalls Residents Association (Inc) and the Parkfalls Community 2014

The Parkfalls Community this year have enjoyed a number of functions organised by the Parkfalls Residents Association (Inc) for the whole community whether they are members or not.

For the second year running the Parkfalls Residents Association had Santa in a fire truck doing the lolly run around the estate.  There was a great turnout for this event with families and children waiting for Santa to arrive.  We would like to say a big thank you to the Nabawa Bush Fire Brigade for supplying the Fire Truck for this event and Esky Kelly an employee of the Shire of Chapman Valley donating his time on a Saturday to drive Santa around.  Esky was accompanied by his beautiful six year old daughter Melody who was so excited to be meeting Santa and help him distribute the lollies.  We also need to thank Santa for coming all the way from the North Pole to visit our families!  The lollies for this event are personally donated by a member of our community every year.

There have been a number of events this year - Sundowners, Christmas in July and the Annual Parkfalls Residents Association Christmas Party.  Our residents offer to hold these events at their homes.  These functions have been well attended and give all residents a chance to meet and chat with people in their community and form new friendships.  They also bring donations/gifts which are given to the Salvation Army.

This year some of the residents got together and organised a Halloween event for the kids.  Parents and kids alike went all out and there were some amazing costumes and the kids had a ball!

The biggest news is the Bill Hemsley Park.  The whole community was surveyed by the Parkfalls Residents Association in 2013 as to what they would like to see in their park.  The results were amazing!  From this survey results were formulated and a Draft Concept plan was drawn up by the Association and presented and accepted in principle by the Shire of Chapman Valley.  The draft concept plan has now gone to the architects to be drawn up professionally.  Next year, around April the draft concept plan should be distributed to all residents of the Estate for comment and fine tuning. There are now over 100 children and increasing living in the Estate so a public open space tailored to the whole community will be a valuable and welcome addition.