An employee's fear has landed him in hot water after he slashed a tradesman who he thought to be a robber. 

Police say that last night (Tues 6/1/15) two tradesmen were working late at a premises on Marine Terrace, completing renovations. 

At about 10.35pm, one of the tradesman, who had been given a key to access toilets at the rear of the neighbouring shop, went to use the facilities.

A male employee who was still working in the neighbouring shop heard noises and went to investigate. As the tradesman reached through the gate to unlock it, the male fearing he was about to be robbed, slashed at the tradesman’s wrist with a knife, causing serious injury to the right wrist of the tradesman.

Police say the 35 year old tradesman will require further treatment in Perth.

A 51 year old male from Mt Tarcoola has been charged with Unlawful Wounding and will appear before Geraldton Magistrates Court at a later date.