Police pursue motorbike through Beachlands, Geraldton, Rangeway, Utakarra, Woorree and Strathalbyn

At 5pm yesterday Geraldton Police executed a search warrant in Conway St Beachlands.


They found 2 altered firearms, an undisclosed amount of cash, and numerous other items.

While they were searching the home, the 29 year old resident arrived home on his motorbike. He saw the cops and took off, according to Police.

A pursuit ensued through Beachlands, Geraldton, Rangeway, Utakarra, Woorree and Strathalbyn.

Everything Geraldton received multiple reports of the pursuit from members of the community. 

Within minutes of us sharing the reports, a reader posted that the pursuit had ended with the suspect crashing in Strathalbyn. 

Police say they arrested the man in Mimosa Crt, Strathalbyn, and a further search revealed an undisclosed sum of cash, a small amount of Methylamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia.  


The man was taken to the Geraldton Police Station where it was discovered the license plate on the motorcycle was stolen in 2011.

Here's the charges the man will face in court today. 

Reckless Driving
Fail to Stop
NATD- Court Suspended
False Plates
Possess a prohibited Drug with intent to sell/supply
Possess unlawfully obtained property
Unlicensed person possess ammunition
Possess Firearm with circumstances of aggravation x 2 (altered)
Possess stolen property
Possess Cannabis
Possess smoking implement
Possess prohibited weapon (crossbow)