Geraldton Roads And Why You Need To Protect Your Car

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We all know the stresses of car ownership, especially here in Geraldton. An unfortunate combination of harsh weather conditions and loose road surfaces can cause a number of paintwork problems…

1.    Stone Chips.

If you ever want to drive out of town, these are pretty much unavoidable on bitumen road surfaces.

2.    Faded Paintwork.

This is an unfortunate downside of the awesome weather we get here in Gero. Over time the sun will fade unprotected paintwork.

3.    Paint Cracking.

This is caused by the sun heating your paintwork (especially dark colours) and cooling rapidly in the night. 

4.    Dust Contamination.

Another price we pay for living in this beautiful part of the world. This is where dust particles can actually set into your paintwork, and can be extremely difficult to remove.

How can I protect myself against these problems?

The guys over at Dark Star are now installing the new SunTek paint protection film to protect your car against these previously unavoidable paintwork issues.

The benefits – 

  • A tough barrier to eliminate damage caused by stones, insects, salt and debris.
  • Self-healing topcoat – Scratches and chips disappear with engine or sun’s heat.
  • Nano technology construction to create a strong solvent resistant barrier.
  • High gloss topcoat to match your pristine paint finish.
  • Superior optical clarity for invisible protection.
  • Can be easily removed at any stage, helping to improve future resale value of your vehicle.

Call Dark Star Window Tint Geraldton today on 9921 8231 – or come in and see us at 91 Pass Street, Wonthella for a quote.