Sponsored: Shane Van Styn - Mayor - Thank You Greater Geraldton

First of all to outgoing Mayor - Ian Carpenter

Over the 10 years you have served on Council and being the Mayor since 2007 you have always been a hardworking diligent servant to the community who has set the bar of work ethic very high. Your honesty and integrity is beyond reproach and is something I will uphold.

You have always conducted yourself as a statesman and I will do my best to emulate that. You have truly left me with very big shoes to fill and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me what the traits of a great Mayor are.

To the outgoing Councillors

To Jerry Clune, Peter Fiorenza, Richard DeTrafford and Des Brick (retired) thankyou for all your hard work and service to the community.

To the returned Councillors

To Cr Neil MacIllwaine, Cr Tarleah Thomas, (Both of which won unopposed) and Cr Bob Hall it is great to see you all back.

To the incoming Councillors

To Cr Michael Reymond, Cr Graeme Bylund (Welcome back), Cr Lewis Freer, Cr Renee Ellis, well done to you all on being elected. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you all collaboratively.

To the ongoing Councillors

To Cr Jennifer Critch, Cr Steve Douglas, Cr Victor Tanti, Cr Simon Keemink, Cr Laurie Graham and Cr David Cauldwell I too look forward to working you all in my new role as Mayor

To the other mayoral candidates

To Rob Jefferies, Gavin Hirschhausen and Shane Hill. It really was a strong field and Geraldton should feel proud of attracting you all as candidates. 

To the staff of the City of Greater Geraldton

There has been much talk of change during the campaign and I will allow the recent wave of change time to make its mark financially and for people to settle in to the current new structure.

We will look for continued efficiencies but in a way that staff welfare is placed at the forefront of our mind, after all we cannot deliver the essential services our City requires without you.

To my supporters in this election

To my letter folding team: Marika Smith, Nardia, Chris and the Stephenson family, Adair Gillan and family, Sun City Security staff and Johnny Cartwright. Thankyou for putting up with all the paper cuts.

To the many people who voted for me, thankyou for your vote of confidence.

To the people who did not vote for me, I ask only for a chance to earn your respect through working hard and listening to your concerns. Your feedback is always most welcome.

My final thanks to my Mum who made it all the way up to Geraldton from Mandurah to see me being sworn in, thankyou.

Finally to Greater Geraldton

It really is a great privilege to be elected to serve the community as your Mayor and I promise I will not let you all down.


Shane Van Styn
Mayor of the City of Greater Geraldton
Written and Authorised by Shane Van Styn, 51 Gregory Street Geraldton WA 6530