Tip Charges

Congratulations to the previous Mayor and Councilors for their efforts, putting up their hands for the benefit of our great City. 

But the new Mayor and Councilors should prepare themselves for abuse from ratepayers on the newly introduced rubbish tip charges.

Please, new Mayor and Councilors, be brain smart, The Aquarena and Library are community assets, but run as a loss. The rubbish Tip is an essential asset that needs to be used. Go back 30 years when charges were introduced, the bush surrounding Geraldton became unsightly with rubbish dumped everywhere. As ratepayers, we have been hit hard in the past. Maybe this is why we have so many changes at Council elections.

Please, think about this important issue as we need to promote this Great City and not be the Dirtiest City in the West.

Kim Parker,
Geraldton Ratepayer