Why It's Better To Eat At Zambrero

Not tried Zambrero yet? Well here's 6 reasons why you should:

1. When you eat at Zambrero, you know you’re not just getting delicious Mexican food, you can eat it knowing you’re doing your bit toward ending world hunger. It’s called Plate 4 Plate. Whenever a customer purchases a burrito or bowl at Zambrero, they’ll donate a plate of food on your behalf to someone in the developing world. They’ve already donated 6.5 million meals and counting! 

2. Zambrero are also committed to being the healthiest quick-service Mexican around, not using anything artificial or any preservatives – except for fresh lime juice! Their delicious meats are all slow-cooked using a unique sous-vide method, with all of their salsas and guacamole made fresh daily. 

3. Geraldton locals love Zambrero, mainly because it’s a Modern alternative to most Mexican restaurants that they can grab on their lunch break . They’ve really stepped out of the box with their menu, bringing together great Mexican flavours using some of the world’s favourite superfoods, namely antioxidant rich black rice and amaranth seeds, with their new IQ range, infused with Spirulina! 

4. Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? Vegan? Dairy Intolerant? No worries! Zambrero’s meals are packed with true Mexican flavour that can be enjoyed by anyone. You can visit their website to see exactly what’s in a Zambrero meal. www.zambrero.com/menu.

5. Zambrero have also been hailed as having some of the best customer service in Geraldton. Bella and her team always make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door and they work hard to make sure you get the flavours your after! They’re also great advocates for the Plate 4 Plate program. 

6. They’re also not only working to fight world hunger, they make sure they’re good to the environment too. All of Zambrero’s packaging is made from 100% sugar cane pulp, a 100% biocompostable material and their staff are also fitted with rPET (recyclyed polyester) gear.