Council postpones introduction of domestic tipping fees

Last night Council voted to defer the introduction of new domestic tipping fees until the February mid-year 2015/16 Budget review.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor, Shane Van Styn said Council’s decision to defer the introduction of new domestic tipping fees for general and green waste, was based on community feedback.

“Although the previous Council made the decision to introduce new domestic and commercial tip fees it took no action at the time to implement them, it was left to this Council to implement them and we have made the decision not to do so for now,” he said.

“Since the introduction of domestic tip fees was announced, the community has been very vocal regarding the issue and the feedback Councillors have received has resulted in the decision to postpone the introduction of tipping fees until after the mid-year Budget review in February 2016.” 

The review process will also include reconsidering the provision of verge side collection.

“During the 2015/16 Budget process the previous Council made the decision to discontinue the verge side collection, a decision based on outcomes from the Community Summit held earlier this year,” said Mayor Van Styn.

Should Council decide to review this service as part of the 2016/17 Budget process, the community will be consulted on the matter.

The recently implemented Pensioner Bulk Bin Programme which enables eligible pensioners to apply for one free bulk bin service per property per annum will continue.  Free tipping for eligible not-for-profit organisations also remains the same.

Commercial tipping fees as determined in the 2015/16 Budget were not affected by Council’s decision and remain in place.

For more information please contact the City on 9956 6600.