Promotion: Growth versus Greed and Neglect


In years gone by a previous CEO invested City funds into dodgy American investments pursuing growth at all costs with disregard for the wellbeing of our community, in the end losing us as ratepayers millions of dollars.

In 2012, ratepayers were slugged with a rate rise of an average of 27% rather than seeing City administration costs slashed.

There has also been a case put by people in the iron ore industry that Point Moore would make a good port facility/ warehouse area. Imagine what the residents think of that! Who represents those guys?


Since 2000 under the stewardship of people who are candidates in this election we saw assets neglected at a City wide level, in the pursuit of an ever growing City. If you can’t even look after your playgrounds how on earth will you look after your growth plans?


The Change that is needed is to begin focusing on what we have and valuing that. We must change our greed and growth at all costs cycle and ensure we can live within our means. We must change and begin listening to our community and deliver quality assets in a low risk, sustainable manner. That is true Change.

Time to Vote

The time to vote is now, so help me make the changes we need as a City and support me for Mayor.

Written and Authorised by Shane Van Styn, 51 Gregory Street Geraldton WA 6530