World Lung Cancer And COPD Day – Walk For Awareness Tues 17th Nov 11 AM

This event is aimed at getting as many people as possible out walking to raise awareness of Lung Cancer, COPD, Lung and Respiratory Diseases, to spread the message that there are things you can do to reduce breathlessness and support groups like Yarraly available to all.

It doesn’t matter how far or little people can walk. Australian Lung Foundation will add up the distances walked by each participant across the country and track these on our On-line Map. A gold coin donation is all it costs to participate.

The walking event will be held in the park on the foreshore just north of Dome with participants doing laps beginning and ending at an information table. The idea is that groups are able to measure out and record the distances completed so that these can be tracked on Lung Foundation On-line Map.

All we need to do is –

  • The walking event - This has been organized for Tuesday 17th Nov 
  • The event is held at – Foreshore just North of Dome – 11am
  • Measure out some distances – 25m, 50m, 100m, 300m, 500m 1km and provide walkers with a Participation Form
  • A gold Coin donation will be requested by all participants – this will go to the Australian Lung Foundation.
  • Invite a local politician or celebrity to participate or any members of other groups that you might be involved with, work colleagues etc. It will only be an hour out of their day, but could end up saving a life.
  • If unable to attend the Foreshore possible measure a distance in the office and get staff to do a walk and send through total distance and donations.
  • Invite local journalists to cover the event (provide them with the Media Press Release prior to the event)
  • An information desk for passers by will be set up to let them know about COPD and Lung Cancer. This is World Lung Cancer Awareness day.
  • Get as many participants in the walk and submit your group’s distance via the On-line Map Tracker – contact Michelle to upload. 0432580613
  • Lung function screening, tests undertaken on the day – The Respiratory Nurse at the Geraldton Regional Hospital will be conducting the screenings on the day for us from 11 - 1.

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If we could all please get behind this important event and support it would be great. Our lungs are so important to life yet get very little recognition.