Local man with speed camera warning sign is back at it

Back in March we heard about young Jake who was warning motorists to slow down by parking himself on the road with a slow down sign, up the road from the speed camera. 


Jake contacted Everything Geraldton at the time:

"Hello I was wondering if you could make a post if anyone spots the speed camera to post it on your page 😊 I have a slow down sign which I was using today and was working great it was slowing down a lot of motorists"

But his efforts to slow motorists down didn't last long. 

"I got fined and was told verbal to move on and they took my sign till I dispute it in court. $100 dollars and for obstructing an officer while on duty."

We hadn't heard from Jake until this month...

"Back at it again!" He said. "Took them to court and they dropped the charges."


We asked Jake to tell a bit of his story and why he has the sign. 

"I would like to slow down any motorist while driving who might happen to be a few kms over the limit and not pay a hefty fine for that  -  therefore keeping money back in the comunity... makes you think twice about whats going on when i can get fined and my sign taken for slowing down motorist and therefore saving lives."

He also wanted to make clear he doesn't want any money. 

"I'm not doing this for donations so please keep your money in your pockets but thankyou anyway just a simply wave is enough to keep me out there 😊"

Not everyone in the community thinks motorists should be made aware of speed camera locations. Some see it as alowing those who are speeding to get away with it. But others see the cameras as doing little so save lives, and just a money making tool for the government.  

You might notice the 'Revenue Raiser Restance' logo at the bottom of the sign. This Facebook centric group has gained a lot of traction in recent months, supplying their supporters with signage while trying to make more noise about their point of view. They currently have over 35,000 fans and are seeking to rally support for their cause. They claim most Police officers support them, but seem to have many run ins with speed camera operators who get frustrated when a sign is parked down the road from their camera.