I will be nominating for the Tarcoola ward vacancy

My name is Ron Ashplant and I will be nominating for the Tarcoola ward vacancy. This is required because of the recent election of mayor Van Styn, The election will be in January 2016. Both my places of work are located within the Tarcoola Ward.

I work at the Accor Ibis Styles Hotel, and I'm also an Aproved Manager at the Tarcoola Tavern. I have given notification of my intention to nominate for the Tarcoola Ward early, so that any one that lives in the ward are most welcome, and i would encourage them to contact me through my face book page. 

By dropping in to talk to me at the Tarcoola Tavern, or contacting me on 0400215031.
I look forward to being able to assist , and work with and on behalf of the communities that make up the Tarcoola Ward.

 I have developed this Facebook page to provide a platform for ideas to be posted and shared with our City of Greater Geraldton Community. Ideas big and small, ideas that when worked through make our communities a better place to live and prosper. Ideas that look at development of new industries and opportunities that value and expand the current mix of industries that our city as a regional centre provides.

If I have to good fortune to be elected to the City Council again there are a number of things I wish to pursue, which I will share with you all in the near future.

Thank you and please don't hesitate to comment or message me with any ideas or questions you may have.


Kind Regards,
Ron Ashplant