This mother affected by suicide is travelling around Australia raising awareness

"Jaie's Journey" is searching for an location to hold their Geraldton event. If you can help please click here to contact Susan Gliddon McColl


Jaie Moran tragically took his own life on the 1st of April 2014.
Jaie's mother, Sandra Moran is visiting towns around Australia to help raise awareness of mental health issues and illnesses, provide some relevant information and to discuss the impact of mental illness and suicide on communities and survivors of suicide. 

Sandra is in the process of having Jaie's Journey registered as a 'Not for Profit' organisation so that not only will this ride bring validation and support to people who need it but, along with her family, will endeavour to continue helping people at risk including bereaved families in their times of need.  She knows it will not be an easy task and the challenges will be ongoing, but it is a ask that she will bear and with her, her many supporters.

With assistance from other coordinators they will do their best to keep everybody updated.  

More information, see Sandra's Blog HERE