Hell Fire Pass ANZAC Day Tour for Students 2016

The City of Geraldton RSL is promoting a community involved Tour of Thailand for Students in Geraldton to attend during the 2016 ANZAC day. We are looking for expressions of interest from those students wishing to participate in this wonderful opportunity.

The tour is for 12 days - 11 nights and the focus is in the story is of the Australian POWs, their camps and the Australian doctors, culminating in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Hellfire Pass, and the Memorial Service in the Cemetery at Kanchanaburi. Sites of War camps, the Bridge on the River Kwai and other areas of interest.

The Quiet Lion Tours have always featured High School students from around Australia who are sponsored by various charitable and service organisations. The focus on students is to celebrate the work done by the Doctors on the railway and to perpetuate the message that “we may forgive but we will never forget” the horrific story of the Burma Thailand Railway.

The tour normally includes survivors of the railway construction, but this is subject to the health of the POW’s and is not guaranteed.For those interested please contact Christina Ross on 0437325279 for further details, on how to apply.