Local musician makes top 5 in Vance Joy competition

Local musician Ashton Kate has caught the eye of successful recording artist Vance Joy.

Miss Kate has been selected as one of five winners for the Fire and the Flood contest.

Each entrant submitted a video of them singing a Vance Joy cover and each winner will receive a meet and greet including tickets to a show. Vance posted to his social media to congratulate the five winners saying:

"The covers were amazing. I wanted to choose so many because it was so great seeing you guys singing with heart and soul. Was a pleasure to see and hear. Thank you. It was very difficult to choose only 5. Thank you to everyone who entered. Sorry I couldn’t choose you all. 

Ashton posted to her Facebook saying My cover of Vance Joy's Fire and the Flood is one of five winners in this competition.
I had already recorded and shared the cover long before the competition was ever announced - so when I saw Vance's tweet about the competition, I decided, why not enter? Nothing to lose!
Vance is an Aussie, so I was a bit silly and assumed this must be an Australian/worldwide competition... However after entering I finally managed to find the terms and conditions, and I am pretty sure you were supposed to be a U.S or Canadian resident to be eligible. After reading this I assumed I would be automatically disqualified after saying on the entry form that I live in Australia.
  Photographer Kristi Teakle Photography

Photographer Kristi Teakle Photography

I had to enter my address and other details in order to enter, so I am not sure if this just got overlooked, or what is going to happen from here. The prize is tickets to a show and a meet and greet with Vance!
As incredible as that prize is, and as disappointed as I will be if it does turn out that I am ineligible, I am still so honoured to be a winner, and it has again encouraged me to continue my musical journey despite doubts and nerves.
I truly cannot believe that Vance has heard my voice, let alone liked the cover enough to share it as one of the winners... I am speechless and so excited about this.

Below is Ashton Kate's entry to the competition: 

The covers were amazing. I wanted to choose so many because it was so great seeing you guys singing with heart and soul....

Posted by Vance Joy on Friday, 11 December 2015