Motorists in Geraldton warned following Police impersonation

  • Geraldton Police are advising motorists who are pulled over by a vehicle that they do not think is a Police car to not stop, and to drive straight to the Geraldton Police Station, following an incident in Geraldton last night. 

Acting Seargent Cooney confirmed that an incident occurred last night where flashing lights were displayed by a vehicle that was not a Police car, and a motorist was attempted to be pulled over.

Facebook in Geraldton today has been in a frenzy with posts and reposts of a particular incident. 

Acting Seargent Cooney said he said he could not confirm further details regarding the incident that have appeared on social media at this time, but said that Police wanted to advise motorists that if they were suspicious of a vehicle attempting to pull them over, they should not stop, and instead drive directly to the Geraldton Police Station. 

Location of Police Station