This generation of Australians

I would like to make a comment about this generation of Australians, you and me included, responsibility to our children, and grandchildren in regards to climate change.

Regardless of what we personally believe, be it a climate change sceptic, A person who believes the science of climate change, or someone that believes something that sits in the middle of the two, It is our role as Adults young, and old, to make decisions that leave a positive lasting legacy for future generations to inherit.

All of Australia, This includes the GREATER CITY of GERALDTON belong to one world, our world, For these reasons I personally applaud the Federal Government support of the recent global commitment to reduce global warming.

I believe that the CITY should embrace the opportunity that this commitment can provide, and actively endeavour to work with the Federal Government, to encourage our City to become a Centre for research,Innovation and climate change technology, that will, and can drive new and developing employment opportunities for not only our current generation, but more importantly our future generations.

Ron Ashplant