It's Our Business

Sadly, not many people take an interest in Local Government. It’s a bit like the Melbourne Cup, where once a year the nation comes to a stop. In the case of Local Government, it is when the rates come out and everyone stops in shock at the increase. But, as rate payers, we really should take more of an interest. Because if one thinks about it, we invest a considerable amount of money each year through our rates and for that investment we want a decent return. I think the other mistake we can make is that we don’t see our City as a business, but it is. The City’s budget expenditure for 2015/16 is around $80,000,000 which is a decent amount of money. And for that reason we need the business to perform at its best.

So to be honest, I’m writing this letter to myself. I’ve jumped up and down about Council decisions and about rate rises in the past but what have I achieved? Not a lot. So this is the reason why I am standing for the Tarcoola Ward.

So here’s my spiel. I’m not going to make a lot of promises about things/issues that I have little control over. If elected, I will be one person with one vote. But, what I will promise, is that any of my votes and decisions will be well considered and for the betterment for the majority of the community not just a few. 

Finally, I with the help of a friend, created a Facebook page, ‘Fred for the Tarcoola Community’. If want to ask me any questions or start a discussion please ask to be added as a friend.

Happy Christmas

Fred Block
Written and Authorised by Fred Block
153 Gregory Street Geraldton WA 6530