Amoebae at Ellendale Pool & Greenough River

The City of Greater Geraldton is issuing a warning to exercise caution when swimming or engaging in water activities at Ellendale Pool and the Greenough River.

Results of water samples taken from these water bodies last week during routine sampling indicated Amoebae detected at both sites. 

Infection by amoebae can lead to illnesses such as amoebic meningitis, which causes inflammation of the brain. Amoebic meningitis occurs only if water containing active amoebae goes up the nose. Water activities such as fishing and canoeing have a lower chance of infection, while activities where a person’s head is submerged such as swimming would present a higher risk. Don’t allow the water to go up your nose forcefully or sniff into your nose whilst swimming in contaminated water. 

Permanent health warning signs exist at Ellendale Pool and sites along the Chapman and Greenough River’s warning of this risk. 

More information can be found on the WA Public Health website