Pilot safe after emergency landing


Thanks everyone for sharing info. Many residents were concerned following what appeared to be a plane crash in Worree earlier this evening. The plane DID NOT crash however, and a local pilot who knows the pilot of this plane attributes exceptional pilot skills to the safe landing following minor issues with the aircraft. 

Here's some of the information sent in already to Everything Geraldton:

Peter: Just saw a single prop light aircraft fly past Strath heading East 6:50pm with what looked like some smoke trailing behind and an engine not sounding very healthy. Hope they got back to airport. It was heading that way.

Matt: Just saw plane with black smoke trailing come down real low and disappear near Eastlyn, engine sounded sick! Concerned.

Angie: There has been a light plane crash at the end of Place Rd in Wooree. No fire and pilot safe.

Dillon: Hey guys a plane blowing smoke just emergency landed in rowan reserve emergency crews there now police and fire brigade at the end of Place road. Multiple fire trucks there now, plane landed safely


Thanks Murray and Kim for the images.