Students suspended following incident

Social media was a buzz with talk of John Willcock College going into lockdown yesterday.

Below details what actually happened.  

John Willcock College Principal Julie Campbell said in a letter sent to parents today, I can confirm that an incident occurred on Wednesday, 2 December that required us to keep students in classrooms for a brief period to ensure their safety.
Eight students behaved in a very intimidating manner, looking to fight particular individuals and banging on windows to try to get into classrooms. Police were called and those students were suspended.
Contrary to some entirely false rumours circulating online, there was no physical assault on any person, no student was at risk of harm, nor were any weapons involved.
However, the behaviour was a disgrace and I will not stand for it at this school. In addition to suspension, further work is being done with the students and their families to prevent a repeat of such behaviour.
It is sad that from time to time we have students whose behaviour undermines all the good and positive work we do at John Willcock College. Most of our students are very well-behaved and a credit to themselves and the school.
However, our procedures for ensuring student safety worked very well and are consistent with the processes used by all schools in such situations. As we do after any incident, we are reviewing what happened so we can further strengthen our response for the future.
Police spokeswoman from Geraldton Police said Officers attended the school but were not required to intervene.