Writer hopes to inject more positivity into the world


A Kalbarri writer is attempting to inject more positivity into the world with the launch of her new magazine Inspired.

Inspired features profiles about everyday people doing extraordinary things in the world.

Speaking at the Inspired launch function in Geraldton on Friday, Samille Mitchell said the magazine was designed to uplift, engage and inspire.

“As a long-time journalist I knew it was writing in-depth stories about positive topics that really fired me up so Inspired is my outlet to do that,” she said.
“I get so fired up by the people I interview – I’m amazed by their awesomeness and thrilled by what’s possible.
“I hope that reading these stories may make other people feel compelled to unleash their best selves on the world.
“If everyone’s taking that extra step, just imagine the possibilities for nature, for humanity, for the planet.”

A crowd of about 40 supporters attended the launch function at Hot Locs Hair Body and Soul in Geraldton.

Samille raised money for the magazine’s first issue through a crowdfunding campaign.

The magazine features stories like the Australian man who launched the charity Skateistan, which helps Afghan girls find confidence through skateboarding, as well as a formal education.

It covers Free the Bears Fund founder Mary Hutton’s efforts to save bears across Asia, it recounts the personal tale of a woman who acted as a surrogate mother for her sister, and a whole heap more.

“The magazine features 10 of the stop stories from the Inspired website, which offers new stories every fortnight,” Samille said.

Samille is now seeking partners and advertisers to produce a second issue in mid 2016.

Anyone interested in finding out more, reading Inspired stories, or ordering a copy of the magazine, should visit the website www.inspired.org.au