Locals to sail yacht from Geraldton to Rockingham in preparation from Cockburn Sound Regatta

On Friday 18th December, a crew of approximately 8 Geraldton crew and Skipper, will depart our pristine waters, setting sail for Rockingham, 230 Nautical Miles South, in preparation for the Cockburn Sound Regatta. 

Not only is the sail south an adventure of some significance, which may take up to 40 hours, but it is the first Geraldton yacht to nominate in a Perth regatta for some time. 

The West Coast of Australia is some of the roughest coast in the world, and is home to some of Australia’s worst maritime disasters, The Batavia and HMAS Sydney II. The coast can be strewn with boat-strangling cray pots and infested with sharks, but the crew is keen to embrace the adventure.

The Cockburn Sound Regatta, 27th-30th December, will feature 100’s of boats in various classes, and being in the festive season, will gain exposure to many tourists and Perth locals. 

The Shady Doctor, previously known as The Fremantle Doctor, is renown on the West Coast as a competitive race boat, and will gain significant interest. 

The Crew and Skipper of The Shady Doctor are keen to promote our Geraldton lifestyle to the population south of Perth, and in doing so, seek sponsorship for costs associated with the journey south, crew logistics, boat maintenance, and regatta race fees. 

In exchange for sponsorship, we can offer promotion of businesses in the form of flags featuring the business logo, Stickers on the hull, logo/sign writing on crew apparel and local promotion. Or, come aboard for some team building, and experience the thrill and exhilaration of being part of a racing crew.