Boat appears to be struck by lightning

We have received an unconfirmed report of a boat being hit by lightning off the Geraldton coast. 

This picture was sent in by an Everything Geraldton reader, who says she took just now down near Dome. 

"If you zoom in it looks like it hit a boat." 

"A few boats started speeding out there, there was a flame."

Another reader also posted this:
"Sitting at Skeetas about to take photos. Heard the thunder, scared me so much and clicked the camera button accidentally. Was watching 3 boats race in before the storm and thought one had been hit. They were all in that spot. The Farr Side was one boat. The other EP844 and the third a yacht with blokes in red shirts. Couldnt see any names on the boats. Lucky buggers i reckon!!" - Kate

Just posted by Paul Lalor: Boat not hit, but really close. Photo taken from Teakle and lalor's office next to skeetas.

Here's an update from some comments on Facebook on what transpired...


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