Bulk billing payment offers time and resource solution for large farm operations

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney has welcomed the State Government decision to offerbulk billing solutions for farmers with large vehicle fleets. 

Mr Blayney said many farm businesses can own over 10 to 30 vehicles causing the owners large amounts of documentation whenre-registering or making renewals that can take up a lot of timeand become a drain on schedules and resources. 

As a consequence Driver and Vehicle Services of the Department of Transport are offering a bulk billing payment option for 10 or more vehicles registered under a single owner. 

This service allows vehicle owners to choose a common expiry date and align all their vehicle licences to expire annually on the nominated date. 

“It shows that the Government is listening and trying to make administration simpler for farmers,” Mr Blayney said. 

Owners of vehicles licensed under the bulk billing scheme, will receive a Fleet Schedule listing each vehicle and the total renewal payment due by the nominated expiry date.

Owners of 3 to 9 vehicles may also apply for a common expiry date, however these vehicles will not be provided with a fleet schedule or a bulk billing code. As is currently the case they will be sent individual renewal notices as normal before the nominated common expiry date. 

Anyone looking to create a bulk billing account, can contact the bulk billing team at fleetlicensing@transport.wa.gov.au(email), 1300 765 106 (phone) or 1300 880 865 (fax); or if seeking more information head to http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/bulk-billing.asp.