How to get the best lawn in the neighbourhood?

Lets face it, not all of us can be Jason Hodges when it comes to caring for our garden, yet we still want to have the best garden and lawn in the neighbourhood. Well, if you’re like me and don’t know the different between fertiliser and roundup, there IS light at the end of the tunnel, because Doug Brown from Geraldton Turf Farm is here to turn your dream garden into a reality. 

Landscape Design: If you’ve just bought a block and are starting to plan out what parts of your future garden go where, you need to ask yourself a couple of things. Will my plants get enough sunlight if I build a tall fence close by? Will my plants be protected from those harsh summer winds? Will I be digging close to, or underneath any big water pipes? These are things that you may not have thought of, which may very well have an impact on your garden and your property in the near future. 

These are questions that Doug always takes into consideration when designing a garden bed, lawn or even a patio. If you really want to achieve the best results possible, let the Doug take care of everything and deliver to you a sustainable long lasting garden that you can enjoy for years to come. 

Finest Quality Turf: At Geraldton Turf Farm, they grow the finest quality turf because it is grown locally here in Geraldton. This means that their turf has already pre-adapted to the harsh Geraldton climate making them tougher and stronger which ultimately benefits you. So give your lawn the best chance at life by using the finest quality and locally grown turf that Doug can supply and install at your earliest convenience. 

Reticulation: Geraldton Turf Farm use water-wise automatic reticulation systems that are efficient, cost effective and most of all, keep your lawn green all year round. From sports ovals to commercial landscapes to small backyards, Doug has it all and “if it’s thirsty, we’ll find a way to give it a drink”. Their reticulation services include lawn mainlines, underground pop up systems, mp rotator sprinkler, green house reticulation, large span reticulation and much more. 

Geraldton Turf Farm are open Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. 

They’re located at Lot 12 Glengarry Road, Moonyoonooka
Phone 0427 233 787