15 year old assaults shopkeeper with bottle; identified through social media - Police

A 21 year old female shop keeper was hit in the face with a bottle of Jack Daniels on Saturday, after she approached a person in the store asking for ID. 

She was taken to the Geraldton Regional Hospital after suffering a chipped tooth, and injuries to the jaw and mouth area. 

Police say that on Saturday 14 Feb 2015 two males attended Liquorland in Northgate. 

One male entered the store while the other remained out the front. The male entering the store took two bottles of Jack Daniels from the shelf, and was then asked by the sales assistant for identification. 

olice say that the male then struck the victim in the face with the bottle and left in possession of the two stolen bottles. 

Police tweeted images from security footage and these were shared by Everything Geraldton and on social media. Police say a  15 year old male from Cape Burney (identified from pictures released to social media) is currently at Geraldton Police Station assisting police with inquiries.