THE EMPORIUM CUP - The high-school improv comedy carnival

The Comedy Emporium and The City of Greater Geraldton present

THE EMPORIUM CUP - The high-school improv comedy carnival

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Imagine a sports carnival for drama kids led by the state’s leading improv theatre troupes The Big Hoo Haa and you have The Emporium Cup.

Geraldton High School aged students are about to get a whole lot funnier as The Comedy Emporium announces their first FREE high school students’ program.

Accessing the talent from our four local high schools, students will fight for glory (and a terrible trophy) on the 12th of March in what is likely to be a showdown of performance skillz, imagination and wit to win the first Emporium Cup.

“In the style of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway, The Emporium Cup and matching free training program will be run by one of Australia’s best improv theatre troupes, The Big Hoo Haa. These ‘Masters of Improv’ will teach MidWest students the secrets of the craft of improv comedy and coach them into making audiences laugh and cry,” said Comedy Emporium Director Julian Canny.

Improvised (or 'improv') comedy is quick-witted, live and very much unscripted. Players are given a scene and some instructions and from there anything can (and usually does) happen.

“We currently have 3 students in our other programs and since they have been working hard, doors have been opening for them in the arts industry. It’s about time we had a program that really catered to the strengths of our younger artists in Geraldton,” said Mr Canny.

 Louis Canny, Jackson Canny, Joseph Tanti, Ellen Clancy Millett

Louis Canny, Jackson Canny, Joseph Tanti, Ellen Clancy Millett

In The Emporium Cup, teams will play out scenes using all their performing skills - acting, singing, playing and everything in between - to fight for the inaugural 'Emporium Cup', awarded at the end of the night by "judges" who "don't" award points completely arbitrarily.

If you are a student between yr 10 and yr 12 and would like to be involved in The Emporium Cup please get in contact or come along to the information session.

Information session is being held at the QPT at 4pm on the 19th of Feb.

For more information head to or call 0458306111.