Geraldton suburbs no longer worst in state in terms of insurance claims for break-ins

The RAC has released information on claim rates for break ins in Western Australia. 

Gian De Poloni writing for the ABC quoting RAC home claims manager Glen Walker:

Rangeway was number one the last time the RAC released its data in 2009.

"We've seen Rangeway being one of the top suburbs in our previous review, but Rangeway has now made in roads and it's certainly not the worst regional suburb anymore; it's moved to number 17," Mr Walker said.

It's unclear whether crime in Rangeway has dropped, or it's just gotten worse elsewhere, but either way it's great news for the suburb and Geraldton in general. The RAC data shows when choosing where to live in regional WA, you could do a lot worse than Geraldton. 

In fact, no suburb from Geraldton rated in the 10 worst regional locations. 

Last time RAC released the info in 2009, the following Geraldton suburbs all made the worst 10: Rangeway, Tarcoola Beach, Utakarra, Waggrakine, Spalding.

This time, predominantly suburbs from the Bunbury and Kalgoorlie areas all rated the worst.

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Police Statistics

Data published by the WA police does not show the break-ins by suburb.

For the Midwest - Gascoyne region there has been a significant increase in break-ins in the last 5 years.

In FY 08/09 there were 728 reported break-ins to dwellings with 27.1% of these incidents "sanctioned" or solved, in FY 13/14 there were 1,047 with only 19.4% solved.

Despite over 300 extra home break-ins occurring compared to five years ago, only 6 extra cases were solved, or "sanctioned". 

In December 2014 alone, 142 break ins to dwellings occurred in the Midwest Gascoyne region, which is the highest ever recorded for a December (since records available 99/00).