3 reasons to have your wheelie bins cleaned

Having a dirty wheelie bin can be more problematic than just the smell which comes out of it. Often, we put off cleaning our bins because we don’t have the resources, time or will-power to perform the task ourselves, so the problem just gets worse. 

Peter Manners from Wheelie Really Clean Bins specialises in residential and commercial bin cleaning and can make your bin look and smell fantastic. Peter has shared with us the importance of getting your wheelie bins cleaned and some simple tips to KEEP them clean. 

1. Wasps LOVE dirty bins.

And there’s nothing worse (or terrifying) than walking past a swarm of wasps that want nothing more than to get inside your dirty bin. This might come as a bit of a shock because wasps are attracted to sweet scents, such as nectar, perfume and fruit. But during AND after summer, when the weather is still hot, these pests are looking at reproducing and aren’t looking for nectar. They’re looking for protein. So chicken carcasses, offcuts, spoiled meat and even empty cans of dog food are exactly what these pests are looking for. And if the environment is ideal, they’ll settle in and make a home right outside of yours. So keeping your bin clean is a great way to keep those unwanted pests away.


2. A dirty bin, combined with the warm weather of Geraldton, is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

This doesn’t just emit an unpleasant odour, but growing bacteria can also damage and even crack the plastic of your bin, depending on the extent of the bacteria growth. Keeping on top of this is a great way to maintain the condition of your bin, without forking out the cost of a new one that could have easily been avoided. 


3. A simple rinse of water for a dirty wheelie bin just doesn’t do the trick, so often, we turn to household chemicals, which can sometimes do more harm than good.

Using particular chemicals may seem like a quick fix, but depending on what you use and the state of your bin, this can actually make the smell linger for months. Wheelie Really Clean Bins have been cleaning bins for years and know exactly what they’re doing and know what chemicals to use for the job. Get the job done right and avoid all of the mess in between. 


Wheelie Really Clean Bins use 100% biodegradable detergents and their water is then filtered and recycled once the job is done, providing you with a fast, effective and safe solution for your dirty bin. 


Some simple tips to keep your bins clean: 

1.  Inserting a plastic bin liner into your empty bin is a great way to keep it dry because it avoids bacteria from growing. Plastic bin liners are designed to be durable and strong, whereas the traditional household bin bags often aren’t water proof and tear easily. This leads to breaking bags that will allow dirty liquids to set at the bottom of your bin, causing an off-putting odour.  

2.  Try not to leave the lid of your bin open. This may cause pests to get into your rubbish and break open bags of old food that can then stick to the walls of your bin and form bacteria. 

3.  While it’s not encouraged to clean your bins with household chemicals, a simple rinse every week or so with vinegar mixed with water is perfectly fine. This reduces the possibility of bacteria forming in the first place, therefore the use of harmful chemicals are no longer required. 

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