The Vanquish Fat Removal Machine is now in Geraldton


Have you tried countless diets, home exercise routines and gyms but just can't get rid of the last 5 kilos? You're not alone. Many people are just born like this and no matter what they do, their body's don't allow them to lose weight because of their genes and the way their body is made. This therefore makes losing weight almost impossible, but not anymore. 

Body - A Universal Approach are one of the three proud owners in Western Australia who own the Vanquish Machine; a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that burns unwanted fat and is 100% safe and pain free. No longer will you have to travel long distances and wait months to receive treatment that is now available locally in Geraldton

They're also proud to introduce Geraldton's first locally based nurse, providing wrinkle relaxers and fillers with Aimee Hagan who is their RN. Phone (08) 9965 4737 to secure an appointment, as they're filling up fast!

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