Popular weed killer used around Geraldton probably causes cancer, according to WHO report

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has released a report that says glyphosate, an ingredient found in many weedkillers such as Roundup, probably causes non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

A co-author of the report told Quartz that the report stopped short of saying glyphosate conclusively causes cancer due to it being based on studies of only healthy males. 

Quartz states that "The report is based on a review of existing evidence, including multiple studies of the effects of glyphosate on agricultural and forestry workers since 2001."

"... the people in these studies who were exposed to glyphosate experienced a higher incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma than those not exposed to the chemical. Other studies found that glyphosate led to DNA and chromosomal damage in human and animal cells in vitro, which can lead to cancer."

Glyphosate is used widely around Geraldton and many other councils as a weed killer. You may have seen the ute getting around town with the spray gun out the window and warning signs about glyphosate spraying taking place. 

The chemical is also used heavily in spraying in the agriculture sector, especially with the genetically modified "Roundup Ready" canola, which is resistant to the poison and able to be sprayed directly with it. 

It is widely used around many people's homes and gardens. Glyphosate is an ingredient in over 750 products. 

Monsanto, the company behind Roundup and many genetically modified crops that are roundup resistant, has refuted the conclusions of the IARC. 

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