Burglar fractures both wrists while trying to rob home

A 16 year old male from Yalgoo has fractured both his wrists while attempting to rob a home in Geraldton, Police say. 

The incident occurred on Thursday 26/2/15 at a home in Elizabeth Street. 

Around 4:20 am of that morning, the young male spotted a handbag through the window sitting on the kitchen table. Police say he climbed up to a window 3 metres above the ground, and forced a partially open window to enter the home. 

While he was inside, he was disturbed by the owner's dog. 

The would be thief fled from the dog leaping out the window he had just entered.

The youth put his hands out to brace his fall and sustained fractures to both wrists.

On Tuesday 3 March 2015, the male was arrested and charged with burglary.