Major Telstra outages around town

If your phone and internet has died recently, you're not alone. Several Everything Geraldton readers have reached out to us saying they have been without phone and internet since at least Friday. 

We asked the community on Facebook if they were without Telstra services. Click here to read the many responses. 

Retailers from Northgate shopping centre say they were without phone and EFTPOS on Saturday, frustrating many shoppers. 

Some residents have said they were informed by Telstra the issues would be fixed by the 13th of this month. 

We have reached out to Telstra for comment and will update this if they respond. 


Telstra Area General Manager Tony Carmichael responded:

The damage to the main cable was caused by a third party and repairs were in progress when the severe storms struck on March 1.  

Telstra landline and ADSL services in and around Geraldton were affected when the damaged cables that were being repaired were impacted by water damage caused by flooding.

We have technicians on-site repairing the cables and services are being restored gradually. Of the 1122 services impacted, many are already back online and we are doing everything we can to restore the remaining services as quickly as possible.

We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience during this period.