Burglars are smashing glass doors to enter homes

It seems the criminal element want to get in to our homes, and will break whatever they have to in order to do it. 

Police say that on 2pm on Wednesday March 25 2015 a burglary happened at a home in Fong Cove Mt Tarcoola. The offenders entered the rear yard and smashed a glass laundry door. 

Police allege they then entered the home and stole a number of items including two iPhones, an iPad, a watch, and numerous pieces of jewellery. 

A 16 year old male was arrested over the matter. 

A Utakarra resident reported via Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch on March 28 that their glass sliding door had been smashed. They were home at the time, and found the door smashed, unlocked and open. 

"Was literally in the kitchen picking up my handbag to go to a mates birthday and noticed it. It's a sliding door from our back yard into an enclosed patio but then there's still our back Doors to have to try get through. we've worked out it was in the space of literally 3-4 minutes of me jumping in the shower and hubby pulling up, we have a v8 so we presume they've heard it pull up and legged it. I was so baffled as to why i hadn't heard it or why my dogs didn't go ape but the police just came and took a look and explained that I most probably wouldn't have heard it because it looks like they've elbowed it so it would have just been a thud and it's that type of glass that "crumbles" I guess you say, most of it's still in tact and the bits that fell on the ground wouldn't have made much of a sound and wouldn't have cut them or hurt them in anyway. They didn't actually get to step foot in the door it seems they've broken it put their hand in unlocked it and just started to open the door when disturbed."