The 5 most requested orders at Gearing Butchers

Gearing Butchers is a family owned and operated business, servicing Geraldton with top quality meat choices with exceptional service. Owner, Debbie Gearing, has been running the Gearing Butchers since 2005 and has narrowed down 5 of her most requested orders out of the hundreds of products they sell.

1.)  Sausages:

Gearing Butcher’s sausages are a huge hit for customers and are one of their most common requests. Due to the wide range of sausages they serve, it was hard to narrow down just one type. However, the three most popular choices of sausages requested are Peppered Steak, Herb & Garlic and Tomato & Onion.  These three types of sausages are only $10.00/Kg and also come pre-packed for your convenience.


2.)  Meat Packs:

Gearing Butchers have several different sized meat packs available which is perfect for those who like to buy in bulk, for family barbeques or for a camping trip. Their meat packs are a popular choice at Gearing Butchers because customers can pick a pack that suits them or they can make up and customise their own pack for added convenience.  They have a range of packs including:

  • The BBQ Pack: Contains a combination of sausages, rissoles, one rump steak and two pork chops. This is perfect for family barbeques and get together’s with friends. The BBQ Pack is only $25.99 and comes in multiples sizes at an additional cost.
  • The Campers Pack: Contains one kilogram of bacon, one kilogram of sausages, one rump steak, one dozen eggs and one bottle of sauce of your choice. The Campers Pack is only $44.99.
  • $55.00 Pack: Contains a range of different meats amounting to one kilogram each of chops, rissoles, sausages, beef ribs, mince and chicken pieces.

3.)  Chicken Cordon Bleu:

Their famous Chicken Cordon Bleu’s are a popular choice and are prepared with sliced virginian ham and cheese wrapped in a skinless chicken breast and coated in golden bread crumbs. This product is only $16.00 per kilogram and is a dish the whole family can enjoy.

4.)  Marinated Meats:

Gearing Butchers serve a range of marinated meats including chicken kebabs, beef ribs, pork/ lamb chops, and pork spare ribs, just to name a few. Different marinades include honey mint & rosemary, barbeque, chilli, red wine and garlic, honey mustard, honey soy, satay, plum pork and much more. Each product is packed with flavour and ranges from only $10.00 - $16.99 per kilogram. 

5.)  Roasts:

From blade roasts, rolled roasts, silverside, lamb legs, whole chickens, boneless pork legs and top side roasts, Gearing Butchers have it all and are a great choice for Sunday roasts. All roasts are carved carefully by their experienced butchers and are available for purchase daily. The prices for their roasts vary by what kind of meat you are after and the weight.

Gearing Butchers operate in multiple stores around Geraldton including:

  • Shop 8 Tarcoola Shopping Centre, Paringa Street Geraldton.
  • Shop 4 Bluff Point Shopping Centre, 429 Chapman Road Geraldton.
  • 179 Durlacher Street Geraldton

They’re open Monday – Saturday from 8:30am and closing time varies from each store. Phone for details.

  • Mount Tarcoola: (08) 9921 4656
  • Bluff Point: (08) 9923 1545
  • Durlacher Street: (08) 9921 2054