Thank you to staff at car wash

This was posted to the Everything Geraldton Facebook page earlier: 

I would like to thank the Car Wash people next to Panaceum today for walking me to my car after being disgustingly abused verbally and with overt sexual threats by three men living in the house next door. I was parked on Lester avenue and heading to the doctor already fragile when one male started making lewd simulating gestures to a bottle of alcohol he was drinking. When I ignored him he became agitated and shouted disgustings acts he would do to me...insert racist comments here, fat, white...quite ironic considering he was of fair skin. I was very fearful and shaken and lovely lady in surgery called the car wash and had someone walk me to car. Police were notified and this house is known to local business as an ongoing concern. The ladies in red cross shop have visits regularly and often after " a hit" as one was told. When I left the surgery an elderly lady had just been subject to same.I'm not passing judgement on this page but I appreciated the kindness of the staff at the car wash.

- Stephanie